Who are we and what do we do?

PSXHosting is a family owned and operated company. We have worked in the hosting technology business since 2002 but recently (in 2019) we started our own company and we've been growing rapidly ever since.

Emil Valsson

Systems Administrator

Emil has been working in the Internet and Hosting industry since 2002. He has extensive experience with Dedicated and VPS servers as well as being skilled with both Windows and Linux operating systems and services.

Kría Líf

Sales and Support

Kría has been working in the sales and marketing business since 2009. She also has great skills in techsupport and consultation.

Our Values

We value honesty, fairness, respect for each other. Also there are few other things that we believe that are important when it comes to our customers and the service we provide.


We use only top quality equipment that are qualified to handle the service we want to deliver.


Our Supermicro servers are equipped with Intel XEON CPU's and Intel Datacenter series SSD's.


Our infrastructure is fully redundant. We offer 99.95% SLA on power and 99.9% on network.


All our Webhosting servers are equipped with the latest versions of cPanel and CloudLinux.


Combining value, highend hardware and service is our top priority.


All servers use the latest technology keeping your data as secure as possible.

Our Location