Dedicated Webhosting

Fully Managed Dedicated Webhosting

Our dedicated webhosting packages come with alot of features like PHP selector, Node.js, Ruby and Python, protection such as MailScanner & ClamAV for virusscanning and cXs to monitor and stop malware attacks. The servers are protected from outside attacks with CSF firewall.

All accounts are backed up daily during the night with cPanel builtin backup system. On top of that we have a secondary backup system from JetApps which backs up your account every 6 hours. Hourly backups are available for a fee. Please contact us via email or support system to further information.

With dedicated webhosting the hardware resources are guaranteed, you are not sharing them with others like in shared hosting invironment. If you are running mission critical website this is the right choice for you.

Dedicated Features:

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated IPv4/IPv6

Virus & Malware Protection

Junkmail Protection

Flexible Backup Schedule

Fully Managed

Free Monitoring

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup and Migration

Plans CPU Memory Disk Bandwidth Port Speed Price Order
PSX-Dedi-1xCore 1x Core @3.7GHz 1GB DDR4 100GB SSD 1000GB 1Gbit/s €29.99 Order Now
PSX-Dedi-2xCore 2x Cores @3.7GHz 2GB DDR4 250GB SSD 2000GB 1Gbit/s €39.99 Order Today
PSX-Dedi-3xCore 3x Cores @3.7GHz 3GB DDR4 500GB SSD 3000GB 1Gbit/s €49.99 Order Today
PSX-Dedi-4xCore 4x Cores @3.7GHz 4GB DDR4 1000GB SSD 4000GB 1Gbit/s €59.99 Order Today


State-of-the-art Europe datacentres. Intel XEON & AMD EPYC CPU powered servers for even the most resource intensive needs. No single point of failure for the epitome of reliability. Network capacity is 4Tbit, fully redundant powered by Juniper.

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Uptime Guarantee

Fully redundant infrastructure. 99.95% power and 99.9% network SLA. Resiliency – a minimum of dual diverse uplinks are delivered to each server via parallel routes. This is then followed by geodiverse network stacks with multiple routed feeds over multiple locations.

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Support Center

At PSXHosting, you get the technology, reliability and support with 24/7 security and technical assistance. With over a decade of experience, PSXHosting’s team can tailor your hosting and customer support to your needs and knowledge.

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